White Cherry Blossom Embroidered Tulle Bralette Kit | Jordy Bralette

Emerald Erin


This kit is for the Jordy Bralette pattern, modified to have a full lace cup, for the additional instructions, check out my blog tutorial here: https://emeralderin.com/2021/11/lacejordyhack/


Pattern not included - purchase the pattern here


 Bralette Kit Includes:



0.6m X 2 White Cherry Blossom (20mm / 8" wide) *This lace comes in 2 mirrored pieces for a perfectly symmetrical bra*

.5 X .36m  Warm White bra tulle for lining



1m strap elastic (1/2" / 12mm)

1m picot plush elastic (3/8" / 10mm)

0.85m wide plush band elastic (1 3/8" / 35mm)

1 set of sliders and rings (1/2" / 12mm)

1 hook and eye set 2X3 


The Jordy Bralette pattern is  available as a digital download in the Patterns section!