Bra Swimsuit Swim Basics Kit

Emerald Erin


This is the ULTIMATE swimwear Basics kit!

No more hassle of putting it all together yourself, this basics kit makes it easy!

This kit has everything to make the bombshell built-in bra bathing suit of your dreams!! Just add the outer swimwear fabric of your dreams and you'll be all set!



This is for an underwired style of pattern. Underwires are specific to each bra size. To find your size in our patterns see our SIZING GUIDE , otherwise check the recommendations of the pattern you are using.


If you comment with your underwire size, or full bra size (eg. 34G) then you will find a complimentary wire included with your bra kit :)  *If you do not comment with your size, you will not receive a complimentary underwire*


Or you can purchase an underwire to go with your kit from the underwire section of our shop


This Kit Includes:

◦ Swimwear Lining, Nylon & lightweight, [.7m X 1.5m wide // 27.5" X 58"]

◦ Rubber Swimwear Elastic, 8mm (approx. 3/8") wide [5 meters]

◦ Microfiber laminated Cut & Sew Foam for foam cups [50cm X 35.5cm // 19.5" X 14")

◦ Powernet for lining your back band pieces [50cm X 35.5cm // 19.5" X 14"]

◦ Sheer Cup Lining to stabilize your bridge/frame [ 50 cm X 22.5 cm // 19.5" X 8.5"]

◦ Underwire Channelling [ 1 meter]

◦ 1/2" Band elastic to go under the cups [1.2 meters]

◦ Strap Elastic [1 meter]

◦ Underwires, your choice of size and style- see below

◦ 1" Metal G- Hook (Black, White, Silver or Chrome)

Choose your underwire from our many styles:

Orange Wire, sizes: 30-54
Round wire, sizes: 30 - 54
Bliss Wire, sizes: 34- 52
France Wire, sizes: 30-46
Plunge Wire, sizes: 32 -48
Carmen Wire, sizes: 28-46
Omega Wire, sizes: 34-52

* As with every kit make sure to check you fabric and elastic requirements, as some patterns may have different requirements than provided in this kit. If this kit does not have everything you need for your special project, let me know and I'll be happy to put together a custom kit for you! *