Itty Bitty Bikini Swim Basics Kit

  • $22.00

This is a basic kit to help you make the Itty Bitty Bikini of your dreams! This kit has you covered for your lining, elastics & triangle cups! All you have to do is pick out your favourite swimwear fabric!

◦ Itty Bitty Bikini made simple with everything you need in one place!

◦ Includes Triangle foam cups, extra swim elastic for strings & the little bit of lining that you need!


This Kit Includes:

◦ Lightweight Swimwear Lining - [ 0.5 meters X .75meters, (19.5" X 29.5") ]

◦ Swimwear Elastic, rubber 3/8", - [ 7 meters ]

◦ 1 Pair Molded Foam Bikini cups in Small, Medium or Large

◦ 1 set of rings for attaching your straps (silver, gold, black, white or latte)

*Cross-Cup measurements for Bikini Cups are: Small 5", Medium 6", Large 7".

This kit takes all the complication out of swimwear supplies!

For more info on which kit is perfect for your project - check out my video all about it! 

As alway, be sure to check your specific pattern for your fabric and elastic requirements!

*If this kit doesn't have the correct amounts for your special project, send me a message and I can put one together that is perfect for you!*