Underwire Fitting Pack - Find your Perfect Size!

  • $6.00

Having a hard time finding your perfect fit in underwires? This is the pack for you!

This pack includes 3 pairs of underwires in consecutive sizes, to help you find your perfect size wire!

And because I know how annoying it is to do all the trial and error- I'm offering you 3 fitting wires for the price of 2!!

Just pick the style of underwire that you want to try, and the three sizes that you think will work best for you. 


Styles available are: 


ORANGE: a very classic day-bra style of underwire, suited to many body types! They have a relaxed splay on the underarm edge, and a medium height at the center front for a moderate amount of coverage

ROUND: a standard and classic underwire, excellent for many bra-making patterns, and good for full coverage bra styles

BLISS: a deeper, narrower profile, for a flattering and beautiful fit! Ideal for larger bust sizes, women who have a very narrow bridge between cups, women who have small frames and narrow rib cages, women who have troubles getting the bridge of their bra back to the chest wall

FRANCE: a splayed and shallow fit, perfect for relaxed and comfortable bras and fine lingerie.Ideal for many different bust sizes, especially smaller cup sizes. These wires are a short wire, that will give lots of freedom under the arm and at the centre front, perfect for dainty lingerie, and comfortable bras

CARMEN: a variation of a classic wire with a little extra width, perfect for people who find wires are just a little too narrow. Although there is added width, these wire’s don’t add very much splay and have a more vertical center front to accommodate those with little space on their bridge

PLUNGE: designed for plunge, or low cut bras. They are higher at the underarm to pull all the breast tissue forward; and low at the center front, for a more revealing and sexy bra! These can also be referred to as Push-Up wires

OMEGA: a very specialty underwire, designed for larger busts on small/med body frames.These wires are very tall and narrow- if you are familiar with my bliss wire- they are like that but on steroids- they are the big daddy of underwires! These are ideal in custom bra-making for the difficult-to-fit clients who have a small wire size, large bust and small rib cage. Or for indie designers who are looking to design specialty large cup size bras. 


Find PDF printable charts for all my wire styles here: 



Sizing Chart For Underwires:

30 -> 32A - 30B - 28C - 26D
32 -> 34A - 32B - 30C - 28D - 26DD/E
34 -> 36A - 34B - 32C - 30D - 28DD/E - 26DDD/F
36 -> 38A - 36B - 34C - 32D - 30DD/E - 28DDD/F - 26FF/G
38 -> 40A - 38B - 36C - 34D - 32DD/E - 30DDD/F - 28G/FF -26H
40 -> 42A - 40B - 38C - 36D - 34DD/E - 32DDD/F - 30G/FF - 28H - 26I
42 -> 44A - 42B - 40C - 38D - 36DD/E - 34DDD/F - 32G/FF - 30H - 28I
44 -> 46A - 44B - 42C - 40D - 38DD/E - 36DDD/F - 34G/FF - 32H - 30I
46 -> 48A - 46B - 44C - 42D - 40DD/E - 38DDD/F - 36G/FF - 34H - 32I
48 -> 50A - 48B - 46C - 44D - 42DD/E - 40DDD/F - 38G/FF - 36H - 34I
50 -> 52A - 50B - 48C - 46D - 44DD/E - 42DDD/F - 40G/FF - 38H - 36I
52 -> 54A - 52B - 50C - 48D - 46DD/E - 44DDD/F - 42G/FF - 40H - 38I
54 -> 56A - 54B - 52C - 50D - 48DD/E - 46DDD/F - 44G/FF - 42H - 40I


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