Aqua Cherry Blossom Embroidered Tulle Lace Bra Kit | Black Beauty Bra

Emerald Erin


This kit is for the Black Beauty Bra Pattern, View B 


PATTERN NOT INCLUDEDPattern is available in the pattern section of the shop


This bra style requires an underwire that is specific to each bra size. To find your size see our SIZING GUIDE 


In the Underwire Size box, please comment your wire size, or you can comment your full bra size including band and cup (eg. 38F)

If you don't want an underwire with your kit please comment 'none' or if you need help with your underwire size please comment 'help' and I'll send you an email :)   




1.3m X 2 Aqua Cherry Blossom Embroidered Tulle Lace (20mm / 8" wide) *This lace comes in 2 mirrored pieces, for a perfectly symmetrical bra*

50m X 0.75m Pistachio Bra Tulle (for lining the lace)

50cm X 19cm (20" X 7.5") rectangle of Powernet (for back band)

Findings Kit:

* Available in Large (for the E-G cup pattern size range) or Small ( for the B-DD cup pattern size range)


1.5m  3/8" Picot Plush Elastic

1m  1/2" Picot Plush Elastic 

1m 1/2" Strap Elastic

0.9m Channeling

0.6m 1/4" Clear Elastic

2X3 (30mm wide) Hook & Eye 

1/2" Sliders & Rings 



1.5m  3/8" Picot Plush Elastic 

1m  3/4" Picot Plush Elastic 

1m 3/4" Strap Elastic

0.9m Channeling

0.6m 1/4" Clear Elastic 

3X3 (57mm wide) Hook & Eye 

3/4" Sliders & Rings