Underwires | Plunge

$3.00 CAD

Plunge Underwire

This wire is designed for plunge or low-cut bras. They have regular coverage at the underarm but are low at the center front for a plunging neckline. These can also be referred to as Push-Up wires.


Charts for all underwire styles here:


Wire Information
  • Made from 24 gauge flat steel wire (Nickel Free & PET coated)
  • Can be used in bras/lingerie and swimwear
  • Coloured tip is the centre front
PDF printable wire chart

*Make sure to print at actual size, or 100% scaling. Test for accurate size with the ruler located on each chart.

PDF Chart

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Underwire Size Guide

*Different designers may use different sizing systems, check the pattern you are planning to use to find your size.

Pairs of Underwires