How to Measure for a Bra: 

1. Find Your Band Size

Measure directly under your bust, holding the tape measure snug. Round this number to the closest even number, rounding up if you are directly in between. This is your band size.


2. Find Your Cup Size

Measure over the fullest point of your bust, be sure not to pull the tape measure tight. Subtract your band size, from your full bust. Each inch of different equals 1 cup size.


3. Find Your Bra Size

Put your band size and cup size together to get your bra size.



4. Find Your Underwire Size

If your bra style includes an underwire, consult this wire chart to find the standard size of wire for your bra size: 


**It's very common to have a different size of underwire than is standard for your bra size. I recommend trying a range of sizes to see which is the most comfortable. See my post on Finding your Underwire Size for more info.  



How To Measure for Underwear:

Tuesday Boyshort


1. Measure Your Natural Waist

Using as soft tape measure, measure around the smallest part of your waist. 


2. Measure your Hip

Using a soft tape measure, measure around the fullest part of your hips, at the break of your leg.

Thursday Thong


1. Measure hip around area of largest circumference.