Underwires | Orange


Orange Underwire

These are a classic day-bra style of underwire suited to many body types. They have a relaxed splay on the underarm edge, and a medium height at the center front for a moderate amount of coverage.


Pattern Matches: Black Beauty Bra (Emerald Erin); Marlborough, Devonshire, Boylson (Orange Lingerie); Harriet (Cloth Habit); Sophie Swimsuit (Closet Core)


PDF printable wire chart: http://emeralderin.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/OrangeWireChartDec2019.pdf



  • Made from 24 gauge flat steel wire (Nickel Free & PET coated)
  • Can be used in bras/lingerie and swimwear
  • Coloured tip is the centre front


Underwires are specific to your bra size.

Find your bra size and underwire size with the Size Guide here: https://shop.emeralderin.com/pages/bra-sizing-guide

*Different designers may use different sizing systems, check the pattern you are planning to use to find your size.


Charts for all underwire styles here: