Bra Tulle | Neon Green


Bra Tulle is a sturdy but soft, lightweight tulle with a honeycomb structure. It’s ideal for lining embroidered laces, and used on its own as a gorgeous sheer fabric for bra cups and cradles. This tulle is non-stretch, with no stretch lengthwise but some mechanical give in the crosswise. When used alone, it’s best in a double layer cut with opposing direction of the grain to give the best support.

Weight: 40gsm

Content: 100% Nylon

Stretch: No stretch lengthwise, mechanical give crosswise

Width: 139cm - 158cm / 54”-62”, varies by colour

Care instructions: Hand wash, hang dry, iron on medium with steam

Sale Unit: All fabric is sold by the 1/2 meter. If you order multiple quantities it will be cut in continuous yardage.


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