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$3.00 CAD

Omega Underwire

This is a specialty underwire designed for larger busts. These wires are very tall and narrow (similar in concept to our Bliss underwire, but more exaggerated in shape). These are ideal in custom bra-making for clients who have larger busts and need much taller and longer wires than the classic styles.


Charts for all underwire styles here:


Wire Information
  • Made from 24 gauge flat steel wire (Nickel Free & PET coated)
  • Can be used in bras/lingerie and swimwear
  • Coloured tip is the centre front
PDF printable wire chart

*Make sure to print at actual size, or 100% scaling. Test for accurate size with the ruler located on each chart.

PDF Chart

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Underwire Size Guide

*Different designers may use different sizing systems, check the pattern you are planning to use to find your size.

Pairs of Underwires